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Manufacture superior products, provide close service, build brand and promote sales through serices, take responsible for every product and every customer.


To promptly deal with customers' feedback, meet customers'requirements and expectation continuously, provide satisfied services for customers, promote quality improvement and after-sales service,establish a good corporate image, we make this policy specially.


It applies to products' quality, protection(identification, package, protection), feedback in deliver time, and collecting, analyzing, measuring and investigating relevant information (satisfied or unsatisfied) using customers' satisfaction degree.

Classification for information                       

A: mixing, materials(physical and chemilal properties, striae, bubbles, etc.), bad size of secondary pressing parts exceeds 3%, visual failure exceeds 5%; Returning or refunding of products proposed by customers rise to customer complaints.

B: General improper quality  proposed by customers and not of A type. 

Other: Information except product quality, for example, reserve date or over due, etc. 


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